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Peace Tree Day Introduction

Peace Tree Day is an annual festival for children and families of every culture and faith to celebrate peace, diversity and fusion through the arts!

Children around the world are creating Peace Trees that highlight symbols from all our cultures and faiths on one tree to reflect the beauty of 'diversity in unity'.

Peace Tree Day, which takes place on June 1st every year, is celebrated in cities, organizations, classrooms, homes and through school boards. The festival inspires children to take pride in their heritage and to share it with others, while also discovering the vibrant cultures, traditions and festivals arounds the world. It is also a time to encourage young people to share their talents and develop compassion for others. Students from diverse backgrounds will work together by combining elements from different cultures, to create new forms of art, which will help raise funds to assist underprivileged children around the globe. Peace Tree Day will inspire young people to contribute to society while they explore and celebrate the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Canada Means PEACE

Hello, my name is Israa. I’m from Palestine. I like Canada very much because there is a lot o fighting in Palestine. Everyday, I was scared to live in Palestine. I couldn’t go outside to play, I couldn’t walk on the street because I would always be afraid. I would be killed. But here in Canada, everyone is free and we fell so lucky to live in such a peaceful country. This is like a dream for us. In Palestine, when we were in the school, my teacher taught us about Israel and she said Israel is very bad country. She drew a Star of David and she put on a very big ‘X’. But I felt in my heart something was wrong when she told us this. When I came to Canada, I saw a very different world. When I go to school, I learned a lot of things about peace. I always call my friend in Palestine. I said to them not all of the Israel people are bad and we have to create peace in the world. They laugh at me and they said peace? What is peace? They said that because there are no peace in Palestine and Israel. I also saw different people from different countries living together and making friends with each other in Canada, and I think that is wonderful. In that case, we have people from all over the world living together in one country in peace.

By Israa, 12.

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